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Government Documents: Basic Information

This guide to Government Documents at the City College of New York is intended to provide you with information about accessing government documents and to help you find governmental resources useful to your scholarship.

What is a government document?

According to the United States Code, Title 44, Chapter 19, Sec 1901:

A government document is "informational matter which is published as an individual document at government expense, or as required by law"

A government document can take on my different forms such as:

Microprint, CD-ROMS, Books, floppy discs, journals, websites

Government Publications can be found in many different places:

published on a government agencies' website, Federal Depository Library (FDL), State Libraries, National Archives, Presidential Libraries

Subject Guide

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Special thanks to Mark Scott of the University of Pittsburgh for permitting the use of his guide Government Information as a template for this guide.