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Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), policies and services at the CCNY libraries.


Microfiche/Microfilm readers are located in Cohen Library and the Science/Engineering Library. You can print documents with a print/copy card and/or save them to a USB drive.

Music (finding & borrowing)

Sound recordings and musical scores are catalogued in the library catalog (CUNY+) and are located in the Music Library.

The Music Library contains more than 15,000 sound recordings, 17,000 music scores, 12,000 books about music and 2,000 bound periodicals as well as access to our online Music Resources Database. It provides playback facilities for the collections CDs, LPs, cassettes, videos, CD-ROMs, and has public Internet workstations and a photocopy machine. Books and scores are shelved in open stacks in the Harold Newman Reading Room on the lower level. Scores are classed by the Columbia-Vassar adaptation of the G.S. Dickinson classification for music. Bound periodicals are shelved alphabetically by title.