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Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), policies and services at the CCNY libraries.



Self-service copiers are located in Cohen, Science/Engineering Music and Architecture libraries and payable by print/copy card or cash. Two-sided copying is not available at this time.

Copier locations:

Black & White: Cohen, Science/Engineering, Music and Architecture Libraries

Color: Architecture Library

Report any problems with the photocopiers to the Circulation Department or to the nearest service desk. Archives & Special Collections Division provide separate photocopier services for archival material.

Preservation of Library Material

If you come upon any library materials you believe need repair, please hand them to a Circulation Desk staff member. Everyone's cooperation is required in order to keep the collection in the best condition possible.

Please avoid the following conditions and common sources of damage to library books:

  • Do not ever write in books, not even in pencil.
  • Moisture (including rain and spilled beverages)
  • Using inappropriate materials as bookmarks, for example:
  • Post-it notes; the adhesive substance used on post-it notes is acidic, can rip pages, and can lift text
  • Paperclips; leave impressions and can rip pages
  • Pencils (or anything thicker than a piece of paper); wedged between pages causes damage to the spine
  • Rubber bands; leave damaging residue on pages and should not be used to hold pages back
  • Folding the corners of pages (dog-earing)
  • Damage caused by pets, rodents, and insects
  • Stuffing books into an overfull book drop (if they don't go into the chute easily, return them at the Circulation desk)

Charges may be assessed at the discretion of the Library if any of the above conditions occur, even if accidental or inadvertent.

Print/Copy Cards

Print/copy cards are necessary for printing in the libraries and are optional on the photocopy machines. Print/Copy cards can be purchased for $.30 in Cohen Library.


All printing is payable by print/copy card.

Printing costs:

  • $.10/page (8 ½ x 11) black & white
  • $1.00/page (8 ½ x11) color (available in Cohen and Architecture Libraries)

Papers can be printed from the Windows computers located on the 2nd floor of Cohen Library, and main floors of Science/Engineering and Architecture Libraries. Citations, journal articles, web pages, etc. from any hard-wired internet computer in the library can be sent to printing stations.

Color printing is available in the Cohen and Architecture libraries.

It is not possible to submit print jobs wirelessly at CCNY Libraries from your own laptop. Two-sided printing is not available at this time.

Report problems with the printers to the Circulation department or to the nearest service desk.

Privacy of Library Records

CCNY Libraries are committed to maintaining the privacy of our users and subscribe to the ALA Code of Ethics in regards to the rights of the library user.

Purchases: recommend a library purchase

If you would like the library to purchase a book, video or journal you can fill out an online recommendation form.