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Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), policies and services at the CCNY libraries.

Scanning (Imaging)

Scanners are available on the main floors of Cohen, Science/Engineering, Music and Architecture Libraries. You may save material to a USB device. Not all scanners are networked to printers.


Copying selected pages or a chapter from a book or an article from a journal for your personal educational use is generally considered Fair Use, however scanning or photocopying an entire copyrighted book is almost always a violation of copyright law. You should also limit yourself to making one copy of whatever you need and not multiple copies to share with your classmates. If you need to read the entire book, it would be better to purchase it or see if the library has a circulating copy that you can check out. For more information about CUNY’s copyright policy, visit the (C)opyright @ CUNY web site.

How to Use the Scanner

Searches (for "not on shelf" material)

If you are unable to locate a book which is indicated as available as "Look on Shelf" in the library catalog, fill out a Search Request card (available at the Circulation desk) and hand it into a staff member at Circulation. We will attempt to locate the book or journal three times within three weeks and notify you via email if the item is found. Note that placing a search will ensure that you are notified when it is found. If an item cannot be located it will be declared “lost” and the library catalog will be updated.


CCNY Public Safety officers are stationed at the entry to Cohen Library and at the building entry where the other libraries are located. The CCNY Public Safety Office also holds lost-and-found items until the end of the guard's shift, when they are taken to central Lost and Found at NAC 4/201. Report thefts or lost material to a security guard.

Contact the Public Safety Office at 212-650-6911.