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Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), policies and services at the CCNY libraries.


Blackboard must be accessed through the CUNY Portal. For problems accessing Blackboard or your CUNY Portal account, contact the CCNY Help Desk at

Blocks on your Record

BLOCKS on your College and Library record may be a result of overdue or lost materials and/or fines and fees. Until cleared, the block will prevent registration, graduation, requests for transcripts and borrowing from any CUNY Library.

Paying Fines and Fees

Fines must be paid at the library to which they are owed. Fines owed to CCNY Libraries may be paid at the Circulation desk. Please note that any blocks on your record due to fines are based on the total fine on your record. This means that you might have to make payments at more than one library in order to return your account to good standing. You may pay with cash, check or 'flex dollars' on your CityONECard. For fees payable to the CCNY Libraries:

  • Make the checks payable to the City College of New York, not to the Library.
  • On the Memo line of the check write the barcode from your ID card.  If you wish to mail your payment, include a brief cover letter identifying yourself and explaining that you are paying a fine.
  • Make cash payments in person at the Circulation desk. Do not send cash payments by mail.

Borrowing Books