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Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), policies and services at the CCNY libraries.

Digital Archives

The CCNY Libraries Digital Archives is an expansive project that attempts to digitize the Archives’ collection of material relating to the history of City College. The material dates back more than 150 years when CCNY was originally known as the Free Academy of New York.


Please read the following policies before contacting the Collection Development Officer to discuss donations.

Information for Potential Donors

Friends of the City College Library

Material that cannot be accepted:

  • Collections in subjects divorced from the College's mission (i.e.: theology, agriculture)
  • Outdated books in technical fields, normally those more than five years old
  • Textbooks more than five years old
  • Laboratory manuals
  • Miscellaneous copies or scattered runs of periodicals
  • Paperback books published in the United States
  • Books with brittle paper
  • Materials which would require extensive rebinding, wrapping or other preservation treatment before they could be used.