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Image Collections for CCNY Users: Other Sources

This guide points to images and image collections, some available to CCNY users only, that may be useful for your research.

A Word to the Wise

Most images are NOT on the web or in e-collections.  Copyright restrictions, availablilty and other reasons mean that only a fraction of images available are online.  Most research images are printed.  Locating print sources and scanning is still the best way to use unique images.  Copyright generally allows ONE copy of any image to be scanned for scholarship and classroom presentation.

Printed images are indexed. You don't have to browse endless magazine runs or books to find images.   Some indexes of print images are even electronic.  Most users find that the little extra work spent finding a print image is worth the results.


Indexes to Images


  • Art Full Text/Art Index/Art Retrospective - online periodical database which indexes images in art journals separately from the articles.  Since art magazines are heavily illustrated with unique images, this is a major source for pictures of art.
  • World painting index. (Metuchen, N.J. : Scarecrow Press, 1977-2003.) Cohen Reference ND45 .H38 - indexes images appearing in major art books.
  • The illustrated Bartsch. Cohen NE90 .B213 - index and accompanying images of incunables (early printed books) to Baroque. 38 vols. Cohen set incomplete.

Art-Specific Subject Headings

Library subject headings allow for any topic to be linked ". . . in art."  For example, "Crying in art," "Women in Art," "Death in art," etc.  Books about individual subjects in art are usually heavily illustrated.

Social classes in art.                 Violence in art
City and town life in art              Food in art
Blacks in art.                              Slavery in art.


Locating Books with Pictures

Books that have pictures in them are described with "ill." in the collation of the book record.  If color, it says "some col."  Here's an example:

Associate Dean & Chief Librarian (Emeritus)

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Chip Stewart
Chip Stewart
Associate Dean & Chief Librarian
City College Libraries/CUNY
160 Convent Avenue
New York, NY 10031


Special thanks to Lee Sorensen of Duke University for permitting the use of his Image Collections for Duke Users guide as a template for this guide.