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CUNY+ Book Catalog

Finding Books in CUNY+

Finding Books in the CUNY+ Library



Step One: Searching the Catalog

  • To find a book in the City University Library system, use CUNY+, the libraries online catalog.

  • To get to CUNY+, go to the City College Library Home Page, and select "Books, Videos, and More"..

  • If you want to view all books located in the City University (CUNY), then begin your search at the opening page, which is the CUNY UNION CATALOG.

  • If you want to locate only books at the City College library catalog, click "Choose a Library" and select City.

  • You are now on the "Basic Search" page.

Step 2: Preparing the search query.

  • On the Basic Search page next to  "Type Keyword(s)" is a box to enter your search query.

  • Next to  "Search keyword(s) in:" is a drop down menu to identify your search query.

  • Select either "All Fields", "Author", "Title", or "Subject".

  • A phrase may also be entered in this box. Select the appropriate answer "yes" or "no".

  • Click Search.

Step 3: Viewing the record - Result List

  • Titles are listed by most recent date of publication.

  • Each title is numbered. Click the number link to view detailed information about the book.

  • If you scroll down the page you will see a list of libraries owning that title. By clicking the library's name you will see the call number page.

  • On the call number page take note of the Call number, as well as Item status, and Due Date.

  • Item status will tell you if it is circulating or non-circulating.

  • Due date will tell you if the book has been checked out, or if it is on the shelf.

Step 4: Viewing the Call Number.

  • The call number may also be seen from the "Results" page.

  •  Next to each title will be a list of libraries owing that title. Click the library's' name to view the call number page.

Step 5: Location of the book -  Floor Location Chart - Call Numbers

  • These are charts posted around the catalog area that gives directions to floors where books can be located.

  • On the chart the first letter of the call number is noted. It will also give directions to the floor on which the book is located.

Step 6: Understanding Call Numbers: a Tutorial

 Step 7: Finding books on the shelf

On each floor there are direction signs.


Go to the row of shelving where you will find the book.


As you walk down the aisle you will notice that each book has a label with letters and numbers. Make sure the call number that you copied from the CUNY+ catalog corresponds with the number on the book.

Step 6: Check-out

Circulating books are noted in the CUNY+ catalog as stacks. These books may be taken to the Circulation Desk for check-out.



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