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How do I...?: 2nd Floor

Tutorials and step-by-step instructions for common questions.

How to Find a Book

  • Check CUNY+ library catalog for the item location.
    The divisional libraries at CCNY are:

        Center for Worker Education (CWE)

  • On the shelves the books are arranged by CALL NUMBER.
    The CALL NUMBERS are arranged alphabetically and numerically within each class of books.
  • Compare the first letter of the CALL NUMBER
    with the listings on the LOCATION CHART below:
Call numbers
beginning with:
AC-AS / B-BX / C-CX  Cohen 3
D-DA /  DA-DS / DS-DX Cohen 4
E, F Cohen 5
GN-GV Cohen 3
GA-GC, GE Science/Engineering
GF-GV Cohen 3 Is this correct?
HB-HX Cohen 3
JA-JX / K-KF  Cohen 2
JUV (Children's Books) Cohen 3
L-LC / LC Cohen 3
M (Bliss) (History) Cohen 4
M (Music) Music
N-ND / ND-NK (Art) Cohen 5
N (History) didn't see it on the map is the map wrong? Cohen 4
O (Bliss) Cohen 4
P-PN /  PN-PR  / PR-PS / PS-PT / PT-PZ Cohen 4
Q, R, S Science/Engineering
SB Architecture
T-TG Science/Engineering
TH Architecture
TJ-TP 789 Science/Engineering
TP 790-823 Not on the map Cohen 5
TP 824-1200 Science/Engineering
TR Cohen 5
TS-TT 160 Science/Engineering
TT 161-999 Not on the map Cohen 5
TX Science/Engineering
U, V, X, Y (bliss), Z Cohen 4
UN Science/Engineering
3 Special Collections (Cohen 5)
4 or 9 Circulation Desk (Cohen 2)
7 Juvenile Collection (Cohen 3)
Not on the map With the first letter following the 8 (Cohen 4)
Ref Reference Collection (Cohen 2)
Call numbers ending with: X Circulation Desk (Cohen 2) 
Call numbers containing: "Thesis" Circulation Desk (Cohen 2) 
Bound Periodicals Titles A-B located 2nd floor Cohen 1; C-Z, 1st floor Cohen 2
Microforms Cohen 2
Reserve Circulation Desk (Cohen 2)
Closed Stacks Circulation Desk (Cohen 2)
Oversize Circulation Desk (Cohen 2)
Special Collections / Archives Cohen 5
Government Documents Cohen 2
ERIC fiche Cohen 3 - did we get rid of all the fiche?