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Dominican Studies: Digital Projects

This guide provides links to useful databases, books, web sites, journal articles, and films in the interdisciplinary field of Dominican studies.

Digital Projects in Europe

Proyectos Digitales en Europa

Biblioteca Digital Hispánica (Biblioteca Nacional de España) - alberga la colección de: 1) libros impresos antes del 1 de enero de 1501 y 2) La Hemeroteca Digital.

Biblioteca Digital Clásicos Tavera - Incluye mapas de América

Biblioteca Virtual del Patrimonio Bibliográfico - La Biblioteca Virtual del Patrimonio Bibliográfico es un proyecto cooperativo del Ministerio de Cultura y las Comunidades Autónomas cuyo objetivo es la difusión mediante facsímiles digitales de colecciones de manuscritos y libros impresos antiguos que forman parte del Patrimonio Histórico Español.

Hispana - Esta base de datos incluye: 1)Repositorio de universidades y 2) libros antiguos (siglo XVI) y artículos recientes 2008

Biblioteca Nacional de Francia:

Gallica – Biblioteca Digital que incluye: 1) Documentos desde la edad media hasta 1930s, 2) Mapas, 3) Planos, 4) Grabados, 5) Revistas y 6) Libros

Dominican Resources at Digital Projects

La Escuela Electrónica/The Electronic Schoolhouse - The Electronic Schoolhouse is a bilingual educational resource from the New York State Archives, the Archives Partnership Trust, and Time Warner that focuses on using historical records as learning tools in elementary, middle and secondary education. It examines the Latino experience in New York through photographs, letters, broadsides, flyers, and more dating from 1861 to the present. Introductory videos explain how teachers can use such primary sources in their classrooms and the kinds of institutions that care for these one-of-a-kind materials. The CUNY Dominican Studies Institute Archives and the Centro for Puerto Rican Studies Archives are part of this project.

Ventana al Pasado - Ventana al pasado is a bilingual web-based research collection that links the Latino-related records located in ten New York State archival repositories. Ventana brings together collections documenting the New York’s Latino/Hispanic community, and makes them accessible to researchers all over the world. Coordinated by the New York State Archives and Centro de Estudios Puertorriqueños, Ventana al pasado unites 94 collections and over 3,100 digital images that document the social, political, and cultural lives of New York’s Hispanic and Latino communities through the records of Hispanic/Latino community leaders and organizations, union members, politicians, artists, and others. Governmental records shed light on its role in issues such as affirmative action, immigration, and bilingual education. Included in the resource are photographs, letters, flyers, and other archival records that document the diverse experiences of Latino/Hispanic populations in New York State.

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