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Services & Policies: Mission & Vision

Yes, we've got a policy for that!

Mission Statement

City College Libraries Mission Statement

            The City College Libraries are committed to providing superior service and resources in support of the instructional and research mission of the College.  We are dedicated to the education of the whole person, fostering information and communication literacy for academic and career success, preparing a highly diverse population for leadership and service to our city, nation and the world.


Vision Statement

            The City College Libraries aspire to professional leadership within the urban University in scholarship and research support, championing quality learning, enriched discourse and equity of access for diverse constituencies. 



We are committed to excellence in library and information service—courteous, timely, accurate and effective service to every individual.

            We value an organizational culture based on trust, openness, integrity and respect, which enhances personal worth, appreciates diversity, and promotes creativity and visionary thinking. This culture advocates

*     communication and networking

*     individual responsibility and accountability

*     training, development and mentoring, and

*     the recognition and acknowledgement of exceptional effort and achievement.

We value enlightened leadership at all levels.

We value intellectual freedom in the advancement of learning.

We value the privacy of the individual and subscribe to the ALA Code of Ethics regarding the rights of the library user.

We value cooperative and collaborative action based on the sharing of information and knowledge.


Endorsed by the Library Faculty September 28, 2000

Bylaws of the Library Department