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Services & Policies: Appropriate Conduct

Yes, we've got a policy for that!

Appropriate Conduct

The City College Libraries provide a quiet and pleasant atmosphere for all those trying to study or do research. It is important that ALL on campus cooperate to create and maintain a place where serious scholarly and creative research can take place. It is important that those who have no other place that they can count on for quiet study areas can count on the City College Libraries to provide this quiet study space.

While the majority of complaints that we receive from library users trying to study in the City College Libraries relate to Cohen Library, these regulations apply to all facilities, and have been developed in cooperation with the Student Government, the Office of Student Affairs and Campus Security:

1.   No open food will be allowed anywhere in the libraries. Anyone found with open food anywhere in the libraries will be subject to penalties and/or disciplinary action. Anyone in violation of the libraries’ food policy will be reported to the Office of Student Affairs for possible disciplinary action.

2.   The fourth and fifth floors of Cohen Library are designated as QUIET STUDY FLOORS. The area adjacent to the Reference Desk in the Science/Engineering Library is reserved for QUIET STUDY. This means that no group discussions or group study should take place in these areas. If you need to participate in group study involving group discussion, you must go to either the second or third floor of the Cohen Library or to the group study area in the Science/Engineering Library. Complaints of repeated disturbances will be referred to the Office of Student Affairs for disciplinary action.

3.   Loud, boisterous activity is inappropriate anywhere in the libraries. Group study/discussions in the libraries should be undertaken with consideration for others using the libraries for their study. Complaints for repeated disturbances will be referred to the Office of Student Affairs for disciplinary action.

4.   The libraries are not an appropriate place for couples to engage in close intimate behavior. Couples engaging in this type of behavior will be asked to leave the libraries.

5.   Due to persistent student complaints that cell phone use is disruptive in the libraries and in the quiet study spaces in particular, cell phone use is prohibited in all libraries.

6.   The glass main entrance to Cohen Library, on the second floor of the NAC Rotunda, is the only authorized entrance and exit. Use of any other entrance or exit, except during an emergency evacuation, is a violation of College policy. Anyone using an unauthorized exit will be subject to disciplinary proceedings and could be arrested.

7.   Students are referred to the College's publication of "Student Rights, Rules and Regulations," in the back of the College Bulletin for more information regarding the College's code of conduct.

8.   Library users should keep their personal belongings with them at all times. If you leave your study area to go anyplace else, make sure your personal possessions are secure.