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HeinOnline: MyHein

Information relating to the Legal Studies's database HeinOnline.


MyHein allows users to save their research using bookmarks. You can save research or queries and also send e-mails containing saved research or queries. Additionally you can add & save notes to your bookmarked searches. 

How to create an account for MyHein

You can create a username and password for your indivisual use of MyHein in a few simple steps.  

1. Go to the HeinOnline Homepage

2. Click on any one of the libraries listed on the homepage

3. Once on a library page, locate & click the "My Hein" tab on the left side of the tabs (located near top of page)

4. On the left of the page you will see a login box and underneath a link to "Create an Account"-click on this

5. Follow the instructions until your account is created & you are logged in. 

Step 5

Creating a bookmark from within a journal or volume

Creating a bookmark from search results

How to find your saved bookmarks

How to save a search query and where to find them after saving