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HeinOnline: Law Journals

Information relating to the Legal Studies's database HeinOnline.


The Law Journal Library has over 1,530 law periodicals. Hein has each periodical from the first issue published through the most current publications (based on contracts with the publishers). You can search with many parameters: article title, author, subject, state or country published, full text, and narrow by date.

Points to Remember

To narrow your search, remember that on the HeinOnline homepage the law journals are broken into smaller libraries organized by topic.  

Don't forget the "Citation On" Feature!

The "Citation On" feature can be utilized in the Law Journal Library. This feature allows you link to any citations listed in the article if the cited reference is within Hein's database. Simply look in the upper left corner of the journal you are vewing and click the "Citation On" or "Citation Off" to toggle this feature.


Reference Guide pictures obtained from HeinOnline's Wiki.

Law Journal Library

How to Find an Article in the Law Journal Library

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