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New Student Survival Libguide: Citing Sources

New to CCNY Libraries?

Cite Sources

Plagiarism... Why Cite Sources?

Why Cite?

  • To avoid plagiarism
  • Give proper credit to authors of the materials used
  • Allow other to locate the sources of your research
  • Avoid serious academic consequences

Note: Always consult with your professor on using a particular writing style (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.)

See:  CUNY Policy on Academic Integrity

What is Plagiarism?

  • Plagiarism is the act of presenting another person's ideas, research or writings as their own.  It is an act of academic dishonesty, which violates the CUNY Policy on Academic Integrity.

Citation Management Tools

REFWORKS: a browser-based citation tool that accepts exporting of articles from many article databases.-- Available without charge to current CCNY faculty, students and staff who sign up for an account.

ZOTERO:  A FREE download and browser plugin. Easy to use FireFox Extension.

ENDNOTE:  provides a way to search online bibliographic databases and retrieve the references directly into EndNote