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BrowZine at CUNY Medical School: Read CCNY E-Journals issues on tablets, phones or on the web: Home


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BrowZine for iOS, Android & Web at CUNY MEDICAL SCHOOL


What is BrowZine?

BrowZine is an app that consolidates journals from several publishers, allowing you to read and browse journals issues through a single interface rather than looking up each journal individually.

Please Note: You will see only the academic, peer reviewed journals subscribed by the CCNY library or are freely available (open access titles) from 2005 to present.  (PLEASE NOTE: When a journal is available full-text prior to 2005 at CCNY library, then you will be brought to the CCNY E Journal List A to Z effortlessly to be able to continue your research). Publishers of non-scholarly periodicals, such as popular or trade magazines, generally do not participate in the scholarly communication process and, as a result, they are not supported in BrowZine.   Supported Publishers in BrowZine.

The BrowZine Account is  used to provide personalization features throughout the BrowZine ecosystem.  Having a BrowZine Account is required for using “My Bookshelf” and  “My Articles” (located on the title bar) on all devices as it is used to tie together your iPhone and Laptop for example so that you only need to configure My Bookshelf and My Articles on one device and the configuration will sync seamlessly between the devices.

The BrowZine Account can be created by clicking on Settings (upper right corner). You will need to make sure you have the correct library: CUNY Medical School. If any other library will come up including City College of New York, you will need to change the library to get to the CUNY Medical School.

Click on “Account Details” LOGIN <> and you need to No account? Sign up for one.  Please use the CCNY email address, and a different password than the one used for your email address  

Help for BrowZine Users Q &A to a series of questions 

My Bookshelf and My Articles Tutorial

Watch the video to see BrowZine in action.

BrowZine Sync Account--First Stage

Subject Guide

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