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This guide describes commonly used library reference resources.

Welcome to the Reference Guide

The Reference Guide is a starting point for finding answers to common reference questions.

What's wrong with Wikipedia?

There is nothing wrong with using Wikipedia, however it's not considered a scholarly source and therefore not appropriate to use in your academic assignments. So where can you find scholarly definitions, essays and topic overviews that you can use? You can find acceptable sources in the library's reference collections. The reference collections contain dictionaries, encyclopedias, maps, atlases, almanacs, statistical data and much, much more. We have reference resources available in print or electronic format (e.g. ebooks, databases, websites).

Electronic reference resources can be accessed via the off-campus/proxy system anytime, anywhere. Print reference resources can be used inside the library where you can make photocopies or scan the pages you need.

If you need help finding an appropriate reference resource, contact a reference librarian either in person, on the phone, or via email!

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